Enduro World Series Rd:2 Ireland

Luke (captain) was racing the second round of the enduro world series in Wicklow last weekend. Here is his account of the race.

“Practice was held over two days with stages 1-4 being held on Friday and stages 5-7 on Saturday. This allowed for more runs of sections. There was still over four hours in the saddle both days. It was a great opportunity to be able to cycle with the best mountain bikers in the world, on irish trails. The stages were a mixture of fast open rocky sections, tight twisty wooded sections,steep rocky sections and flowing wooded trails. Stage 1 started the day with high speed rough trails and flowing trails at the end. Stage 2 was the longest of 7 at 2.7km, it started on a difficult rocky outcrop at the top of the mountain. Stage 3 also started on a rocky outcrop but lead straight into a steep chute with multiple line choice. Stage 4 was filled with fresh cut turns which lead to many foot out and hold on moments.It was finished by a fireroad sprint to the finish. Stage 5 was the shortest of the weekend, yet had a slower and tight wooded section where mistakes could be easily made. Stage 6 was the roughest stage, as it mostly used the national downhill track, including the road gap and bridge crossing. This was a focal stage for the spectates come race day. Stage 7 was an ultimate track to finish on. A steep and technical section awaited from the start, this lead to a middle section filled with flowing banked turns and finished off with a sprint and steep turns.

Race day was a tough morning as setting off at 8:45 am to tackle a 52km course over 6 hours was a daunting task especially after two full days of practice. I had a number of big crashes on those days which did not help my body for the race. I ended up with 22nd in the mens under 21 category. I was glad to have no crashes or mechanical on my race runs. Yet there is still more work to be done. I was a great honor to bring UCC to the world stage.

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