Emer Varley and Anya Curran summer success at ITF World Championships

UCC Taekwon-do has enjoyed phenomenal success both during the summer months and the beginning of the first semester back in college. The club were represented by two, students Emer Varley and Anya Curran at the ITF World Championships in Buenos Aires, Argentina during the summer. Both performed amazingly and received a bronze medal each in their respective sparring divisions. Emer and Anya represented themselves, UCC and Ireland admirably with their hard work, perseverance and gracious humility. The Irish Team was coached in part by the clubs own instructor Master JB McCarthy VII, who was also selected as an Umpire at the World Championships. The club has been thriving since the beginning of term with students of all backgrounds joining in training sessions. There are a number of black belts keen to continue training throughout university, as well as some who had given up Taekwon-do and decided to re-join the sport. Other members have never had any previous martial arts training but want to try it for reasons including improved fitness, a new social environment, self-defence training and improved self-confidence. Some of the new faces discovered the club through special training demonstrations held during Fresher’s Week where they learned basic self-defence, joint locks and releases from grabs.


All students who have just joined are full of enthusiasm and fit in perfectly with the uplifting atmosphere that the club generates. Emily Cremin, the clubs captain said “As a martial arts club that trains people to spar early to develop confidence it is nice to see beginning members try to engage fully in sparring. As the first time anyone starts sparring can be jarring, the senior members help support the beginners by encouraging them to try the techniques learned in training.”


Members will get the opportunity to put their training into practice at a number of Intervarsity

Competitions throughout the year where they will represent UCC at Intervarsity’s held in UL and NUI Maynooth. There are also ample opportunities for members to move up along the ranks and earn their next belt at Gradings facilitated within the club. This gives members a goal to work towards and helps to maintain the motivated atmosphere within the club, as well as building confidence and a sense of achievement in individual members.


This year’s committee are fully committed to creating a warm welcome to all new members. “We understand that it can be hard to get to know each other solely during training so our PRO, Rhiannon Hurley, has organised the first of a number of club socials held throughout the year in order for members get to know each other both inside and outside the training hall. Joining a club is a great opportunity to meet people from all walks of life at university and we welcome a huge variety of undergraduate students from a wide range of courses as well as international, mature, post graduate students and staff members alike.”