Trampoline’s EGM 2016

On Monday the 3rd of October we had our EGM to elect our First Year Rep and our OCM. Each of the committee members introduced themselves and what their role on the committee was which, for the Freshers, put names to faces. We began with our OCM position. This position doesn’t have a specific role but helps all of the committee members if they are overloaded with work or just need a helping hand. After a tough competition and fantastic speeches given from both of our candidates, Mairéad NicDiarmada won the position of OCM 2016/2017. We believe she is a great asset to our club for the coming year.

We then swiftly moved onto electing our First Year Rep. Once again, amazing, interesting and well thought out speeches were given from all of the candidates. They also gave great answers to any questions thrown at them from both committee and club members.In the end after a narrow competition, Ciara Judge was triumphant in becoming First Year Rep 2016/2017.


Once again, a HUGE congratulations to Mairéad and Ciara. We are delighted to have you on our committee for the coming year and know how willing and helpful you will both be to our club.


Peter Stack