Dancercise for your Mental Health

UCC Mental Health week is next week and it’s all about looking after YOUR mental health! In case you didn’t know, exercise releases our ‘happy endorphin’s’ so it is one excellent way of keeping your hormones in balance and your mental health better cared for!

On Monday the 13th of November at 7:30pm to 8:30pm in Studio 7 of the Maradyke, we will be hosting a class of exercise through dance for UCC’s Mental Health week.
This time of year can be particularly stressful for student in the run up to the Christmas exam period and we believe in the importance of exercise to keep a healthy balance.

Dancercise is the perfect way to work your body in a positive environment.

The class isn’t dancing so don’t worry if you have 2 left feet! It’s exercise with a focus on stretches and exercises we do in dance to some good music

So why not grab a friend and come along on Monday? Your Mental health will thank you!