Cyclethon for Chloe May

Keep your eye out for this great event on the 17th September. It will be held in the Students centre from 8 am to 8 pm that day.


Chloe May is a daughter of Ruth Horgan Cerny (an OCLA member of UCC staff). This event is being organised by Valerie Hill from OCLA who is aiming to raise money for a wheelchair needed for Chloe May.


Attached is a photo of Chloe so you can see just how cute she is and I think Ruth’s words below say more than I could ever say:



She is cute and cuddly, charming and content, touches the heart of everyone she meets and puts life into perspective.  She is medically challenged, complex and requires 24/7 care. She’s just 4 years old….


She is Chloë May


Chloë suffers from an extremely rare, serious and life-limiting neurological syndrome.  She is unable to walk, talk, is tube-fed, partially sighted, suffers seizures every day and night, yet smiles through it all


The challenge for us this summer is to get Chloë May on her way! 


She needs a customised wheelchair for day-to-day living and we need your help


With thanks from Ruth, Daragh & Chloë May Xx