Cork Open 2017

Cork Open took place last weekend on the 7th and 8th of October!

We wanted to place an emphasis on beginner development at this tournament and we’re happy to say we did exactly that. The beginners did CLASS! They really put it up to other more experienced teams and we couldn’t be prouder of their performance. Here’s how each team got on:

UCC X (Open)

Final Placing: 10th

MVP: Frieder
MSP: Spencer
UCC X set out on Saturday with great enthusiasm and excitement, ready to play some ultimate. As many of the players were new and/or from different areas, this tournament was to allow us to bond with our new team mates while improving our skills. Although a bit rusty, UCC X had some intense and hard hitting games that pushed us both mentally and physically. In the end we were happy with our performance over the weekend and are excited for the rest of the season ahead!
UCC X v Ballincollig 7-13
UCC X v Rebel Juniors 13-1
UCC X v UL 10-13
UCC X v PELT Juniors 13-6
UCC X v UCC Y 13-5
UCC X v Masterclass 8-13

UCC Y (Open)

Final Placing: 11th

MVP: Dave Forde
MSP: Andrew McGovern
UCC Y was a team with a mix of young and old, and of different experience levels – 5 weeks to 5 years!
On Saturday, UCC Y bagelled an extremely positive NUIG devs team and beat PELT juniors handily, but lost to a full strength Tribe team in the crossover. The next day they started by beating a great Rebel Juniors team with brute force and deep threats. They then played Masterclass, an experienced team from Dublin (that had three UCC alumni on it!), our lads put in a huge effort and it was a tight game that could have gone either way but unfortunately it ended in defeat.
UCC Y v NUIG 13-0
UCC Y v Rebel Juniors 13-3
UCC Y v Masterclass 8-11
UCC Y v UCC X 5-13

UCC Ladies

Final Placing: 6th, SPIRIT WINNERS

MVP: Chelsea, Lauren
MSP: Blob
UCC Ladies was made up of mostly beginners, our main focus was to show them the ropes and get into playing Ultimate. The team had a blast over the weekend, managing to score against every team they played – virtually unheard of for a beginner team! Everyone on the team displayed a fantastic attitude, the experienced players were encouraging and supportive and the beginners were so willing to learn! It showed, and was recognised with the Spirit award!
UCC v Tribe 2-13
UCC v Trinity 2-13
UCC v IGGY 1-13
UCC v Rebel 1-13
UCC v UL 4-13