3. Clubs Policies

Summary details on club policies.  All relevant members of UCC Sport should familiarise themselves with the below policies and follow the instructions within. The policies shall be reviewed on an annual basis to ensure they continue to fall under best practice.


Area Policy
1. Governance



21.02 UCC Clubs’ Operations Handbook (002)

UCC Clubs Executive Constitution 180411


2. Return to Play



21.06 MB – Clubs RTP



4. Finance








2007 Summary Clubs Financial Policies

Clubs Budget Management Policy

Clubs Cash Handling Policy

Clubs Credit Card Policy

Clubs Financial Management Policy

Clubs Financial Reporting Policy

Clubs Payment Policy


5. Health and Safety


Student Activity – Safety Policy_APPROVED


6. Club Operations












UCC Clubs Alcohol Policy

UCC Club Appeals Procedure

UCC Clubs Awards and Accreditation

UCC Clubs Anti-Bullying Policy

UCC_Child_Protection_Policy_5 April 2018- Final

UCC Clubs Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Procedures (1)

UCC Clubs Gear Policy

UCC Clubs Mental Wellbeing Policy Final

UCC Club Social Media Policy

UCC Club Vehicle Use Policy

UCC Webb & Social Media Policy



7. Coaching


21.06 UCC Sport Coaches Policy Ext Season 21.22

Code of Conduct for Coaches