4. Club Health and Safety Policies

The purpose of the UCC Student Activity Health and Safety Policy is to provide a framework for managing Health and Safety risks, which arise as a result of nonacademic, student led activity in University College Cork.

Student Activity – Safety Policy_APPROVED


The aim of the policy is to prevent injury and ill health to students and everyone else impacted by student led activity; consequently, it is critically important for each student representation group (Clubs, Societies, Student’s Union, Executives, Student Life Project, etc) to identify hazards and minimize risks by taking effective preventive and protective measures. Safe practices will be secured by the manner laid out in the UCC Student Activity Health and Safety manual and the specific event plan and / or risk assessment for the activity.

Events and trips require a plan and risk assessment to be completed and approved before the event. 

Templates for event plans and risk assessments and a guide for risk assessment are given below.

Student Activity – Event On Campus – Plan & Risk Assessment Template

Student Activity – Event Off Campus – Plan & Risk Assessment Template

Student Activity – Trip – Plan & Risk Assessment Template

For overnight trips, a health declaration should be completed by each of the travelling party. The declarations should be stored confidentially for the duration of the trip and either returned to the relevant travelling parties or destroyed immediately after returning from the trip.This is the responsibility of the trip organiser.

UCC Student Activity Health Declaration Form