Clubs Exec’s EGM 2016

On Wednesday the 5th of October the Clubs’ Executive organised its Extraordinary General Meeting. Following a warm welcome from the president the clubs were thanked for their contribution to student experience since the start of college year. They were also informed of assessment which is based on their extracurricular activity.

The Clubs’ Executive was very pleased with theĀ  majority of clubs using Clubs Portal regularly and the received feedback. All clubs submitted their budget forms which allows the department to allocate the funding accordingly.

Two candidates ran for Vice-President position which was open for nominations prior to the event. Aaron Frahill and Grainne Ryan were the 2 nominees who gave a 3-minute speech each. Grainne was elected the new VP for 2016/2017- congratulations!

The Department of Sport and Physical Activity covered many aspects of running a club. It briefly summarised upcoming financial decisions which will have to be made and reminded the clubs’ captains about insurance, reporting incidents and first-aid supplies. It outlined the procedures for booking various facilitates. Access for coaches and garda-vetting were discussed. It was decided that all clubs will have to submit a risk assessment to comply with Health and Safety regulations.

Finally, the clubs were reminded to avail of Mardyke Pavilion; its free-of-charge availability was emphasised. They were also encouraged to register for UCC Works programme.

Additional Portal/ Treasurer and PRO/ Webmaster trainings were provided after the EGM.