Club Awards Applications

Club award applications for the 2020 year are live! To fill out any of the forms then just follow the links below to the relevant one. To fill in the form you will need to make an account on the website using your club email address or your own email address. Once the account is made you can fill out an application for each of the awards. Only one application per award will be accepted per club/individual.
When filling out the awards make sure to pay attention to the criteria the judges will use to correct them. You can go in and out of the award applications as many times as you like by clicking the ”save and quit” option. When you are finished the application and no longer want to edit it simply click the ”submit” option. Once you click on ”submit” you will not be able to edit the form any further!
The links to the awards are below and applications close on the 6th March 2020.
Fresher of the Year
Competitive Event of the Year
Non-Competitive Event of the Year
Charity Champion
Best Photo/Video