Christmas Competition and Party

Last night the Christmas beginner competition was held in Elec Eng L1. Seventeen of our bravest beginners decided to take part in the 30 arrow shoot. Archers shot 3 arrows at a time and carefully scored their opponent’s shots in what ended up being a tight squeeze for the gold medals. The competitors were entertained while scores were being counted as our equipment officer Sam overcame his gross fear of balloons and placed groups of them on the targets. Anyone who popped a balloon won a chocolate from a Milk Tray box! It was first come first served and the chocolates soon disappeared.

Christina Loidolt came out on top in the female category with a score of 224 out a possible 300, followed by Willemien van Zwol with 211, and Nicole Yong with 186. In the male category, the underdog Thomas Forde took gold with a brilliant score of 254, beating the winners of the last competition: Antonio Torre Soengas and Martin Kelly who took silver and bronze with scores of 246 and 242 respectively.

The beginners who completed their six-week training course were presented with their Foundation Level Archery certificates which entitle them to shoot immediately in any archery club in Ireland and shows that they have been trained in the basic skills of the sport. The certification is approved by the governing body, Archery Ireland.

Afterwards, a number of us went up to Cissie Young’s where we relaxed after a good term of shooting and were treated to some hot food courtesy of the staff. Thank you, Cissies! The club would also like to thank Antonio, Brian Gill, Muhammad, and Greg for helping us clean up after the competition.

See you all in the New Year!


Male Score  Female   Score
Thomas Forde 254 Christina Loidolt 224
Antonio Torre S. 246 Willemien van Zwol 211
Martin Kelly 242 Nicole Yong 186
Grzegorz Brycki 238 Carolina Cordero 176
Brian Conroy 233 Clare O’Sullivan 168
Thore Friesenhagen 219 Aisling Scully 148
Muhammad Y. M. Fauzi 219 Erika Feltrin 121
Brian Gill 207
José Luis Ezcurra 187
Davis Rusmanis 153