Challenge Matches!

uccvsbttc2                                                        uccvsbttc

As with any aspect of the university experience, UCC Table Tennis Club is full to the brim with a diverse roster of international players. Every Wednesday and Thursday evening, the Mardyke Arena fills out with players from France, Singapore, USA, Spain, Malaysia and an unsurprisingly strong contingent from China. Despite this wealth of multinational talent, there is consistently a strong presence of Cork table tennis players in the hall come training time. This is due in full to Ballincollig Table Tennis Club.

BTTC, which was founded in 2002 and is home to some of the best players in the country and most of the best players in Munster, has a close relationship with us at UCC TT. What better way, then, to celebrate this friendship than with competitive head-to-head matchplay!

Starting Thursday 15th October from 9pm – 10.30pm, UCC will be hosting BTTC in challenge matches. These will take place every two weeks (or possibly more to suit availability of players) and the team selection is open to any non-beginner players. There will be many matches throughout the year with a rotating team roster so if you wish to play but don’t make the team the first night, do not worry there will be plenty of opportunities in the future.

These matches are purposefully set up to practice for the Intervarsity competition towards the end of the academic year and, as such, they will follow the same format. The teams will consist of 6 players (men and women) where each player will compete in 2 singles games and 1 doubles game to earn points towards an overall best of 15 matches victory.

So if you’re thinking about trying for the Intervarsity team this year and would like some practice at representing your University and to hone your competitive edge, come to Hall 1 of the Mardyke at 9pm on Thursday 15th October. If you don’t make the team this week then support for your fellow training partners is gladly welcomed (our chant being “UCC! ALL DAY!)

The best way to make it onto the challenge match teams is to keep coming to the weekly trainings, which are on Wednesday 5pm – 7pm and Thursday 9pm – 10.30pm in Mardyke Arena Hall 1.

Looking forward to seeing you there.