Canoe Club – JACKS Weekend 2016

Our JACKS weekend is done and dusted but the memories of the trip will stick with us forever.

As Smurfs, Saints and Sailors walking down Western Road Friday afternoon we kept the head down and tried to ignore the odd looks we all received until we met the other 55 people who were dressed as ridiculously as we were. All in good spirit and a brilliant way to start a memorable weekend. The bus up was an enjoyable one with brilliant mingling of Oldies and freshers alike before we arrived at the hostel and got to know eachother some more over the night.

On the Saturday morning we awoke and left the hostel to paddle the Castleconnell river. This is a brilliant river for kayakers and all of the paddlers thoroughly enjoyed their spin down the river. Many fresher kayakers paddled their first ever river and did fantastically well and they were delighted to see their weeks of hard work paying off.

On the Saturday after our river trip we were well fed by our tremendous cooks before our first years were introduced to some of our age old traditions such as Icky Gammy and throw in the towel. We then headed to the Claremont nightclub for a dance where we actually made their facebook page after getting the whole club to sit down and do rock the boat!

On the Sunday the heads were heavy when we sat down at breakfast and began to share stories of the madness of the weekend before travelling home to Cork after a weekend we are sure to not forget.

Don’t forget, boat unloading takes place tonight at 8 o clock. Squad gym is directly afterwards for those who are interested while out pool session is also on tonight at 10.30pm. Our river sessions continue on Friday as normal meeting at 2.15pm outside the sheds. Remember to keep an eye on our Facebook group for more paddles happening throughout the week.