Camping Update

Hey Everyone!


Sorry we’ve been out of the loop the last two weeks, the camping trip took a lot out of us!

Thanks for everyone who came along, we hope you all had as good a time as we did!

For anyone else who missed out or might be interested in joining in another time, here’s some of the things we got up to!

We met up in Kent Station to get the train to Fota (luckily we found everyone!). Once we got there we found Chris (our captain) waiting

Fota 2015 Chris


Where he produced Neckerchiefs

Fota 2015 Chris Rolling Neckerchiefs


and Sticks

which we had to carve into spoons by the following day.

Fota 2015, Two Campers carving spoons out of sticks

It was hard to make spoons..


It was then time to set out on our adventure to:

build a bridge and get over it!

Fota 2015, Campers lashing timber together

Although there were admittedly a few accidents….

Fota 2015, Brian falling in to river


As well as this we built backwoods shelters (all of which were fairly cramped we will admit)


Fota 2015, Allie and Eoin in their handmade shelter

Fota 2015, Campers gathered in Winning Backwoods Shelter


After we made a good dinner of Chicken Curry after a long day’s work we then went to the campfire. Here we boiled eggs inside potatoes (bet you thought you’d never read in their life)

[photo of egg}

Fota 2015, Potato carved out for boiling an egg in a fire

Fota 2015, Campfire with potato eggs


So about one in the morning we all returned to our tents and fell asleep to the sound of gibbons in Fota Wildlife Park.

However we woke up to the sound of a pot and a spoon.

Fota 2015, Jack waking everyone up the next morning


The next day we had our breakfast together, sausages, rashers, eggs, cereal, until we were ready to burst! After which we headed off to our Orienteering challenge and had a great time getting lost (and admittedly a little soaked by the rain!)
We’re happy to say that everyone managed to make it home and the only people who were injured were two Committee members who were terrible at making spoons 😛

Hope this piques your interest and we’ll see you soon 🙂


If you’d like to see more of our photos you can find them here on Facebook!