Archery’s EGM Success

Last Thursday (13th October 2016) we held our EGM and had a couple of positions available, First Year Rep and 2 Ordinary Committee Members.

After the usual reports and such we got down to the elections. There was 2 candidates for First Year Rep and after both gave some really good speeches we sent them outside so we could vote. It was a close vote with Emily Philips becoming our new First Year Rep.

We moved onto voting for the 2 OCM positions. There was a bit of interested in these positions and we had 4 people putting themselves forward for the 2 positions.

Our first OCM to be voted in was David Hurley with our second and final OCM being Enya Lane.

Congratulations to our new committee members and we are all looking forward to working with you all and developing the club together.

Commiserations to those that didn’t make it, we hope to see you at training and at our socials and that there will always be the chance to join the committee again at the end of the year 🙂