Archery – National Student Indoor Championships 2015

This year the UCC archery club once again hosted the prestigious Student Nationals in Nemo Rangers, Douglas. The shoot attracted students from all over the country and a number of guests from Cork City Archery Club. The competition consisted of 60 arrows shot before lunch with the score used to rank archers against each other. According to their score from those 60 arrows, they were placed in head-to-head shoot-offs to determine the top archers on the day. The top archer in each category faced off against the bottom ranked, the second best against the second from the bottom, the third best against the third from the bottom etc. until they met in the middle. This ensured that the competitors who were consistently shooting with top form and hitting high scores were going to meet in the final matches of the day.

10849035_755978684480389_1360815052716866420_o A number of UCC students progressed through several matches before being knocked out. Former captain Katie Hamilton displayed a consistently stellar performance on the day and beat every opponent who faced against her, going on to claim 1st Place in her category: female recurve. Simon Henleywillis, shooting in male recurve, remained unbeaten in each of his matches until the quarter finals where he faced off against Brendan Forde of DIT. He then had one final match against UCD’s James Ryan to compete for the bronze medal. Though both archers shot good scores in their bronze medal match, it was James who gained the extra few points in the last few ends and went on to claim third place.

 10997525_755980234480234_4113494088704339382_o             10959864_755980837813507_8399674615833922628_o                     10847290_755982017813389_4000815826942736666_o

The students who attended from NUIG, GMIT, Maynooth University, UCD, University of Limerick, IT Tallaght, DIT, and UCC all showed great sportsmanship and enthusiasm. UCC received many thanks on the day and were commended for maintaining the standard of competition that has come to be expected of the club each year. The club would like to sincerely thank all those who made the day possible, especially those members of Cork City Archery Club who lended a helping hand setting up the hall the night before and calculating the matches with us on the day.