Skull and Crossbones

The Real Story behind the Skull and Crossbones

The UCC Skull and Crossbones is the official sporting logo for all UCC Clubs, who proudly display the famous skull and crossbones on their playing gear.

The skull and crossbones have been seen at UCC as far back as 1880-81. In late Victorian times, UCC, then known as Queen’s College Cork, was mostly a medical school and the junior doctors who played for the university’s rugby club, fittingly, used a skull and crossbones as the symbol for their team.

In later years other clubs in the university also started to wear the skull and crossbones. The GAA clubs adopted the logo in the mid 1910’s and the hockey club has been pictured using it since 1929.

The skull and crossbones have been officially copyrighted since 1999 and the UCC jersey is a much sought after garment among students, players and alumni both home and abroad.