Our Vision and Mission

University College Cork has a deep and proud history of sporting achievement, and strong ambitions for the future. The importance of sport goes much further than empowering people with health and wellbeing – it teaches life lessons of confidence, teamwork, respect, ambition, discipline, integrity and it provides a source of great enjoyment. Through sport we learn that, no matter what the result, we must persevere and not give up.  University College Cork is a connected university, and sport plays and important role in connecting student and alumni communities, and engaging with the wider community.

UCC Sport is run by full-time Department of Sport and Physical Activity staff with the support of students in the form of Clubs Executive committee which represents 55 clubs within University College Cork.   Sport is a powerful tool that brings people together to develop connections that transcend languages and cultural differences.  UCC Sport is dedicated to unlocking the power of sport and physical activity across all areas of participation, representation and achievement. It aims to promote participation in sport by all students and staff at UCC, and to support competitive and high performance athletes: many tribes, one team.  Our vision and mission is:

Vision:            Be the go-to University for Sport & Physical Activity in Ireland

Mission:         Realise and unleash the potential of UCC Sport & Physical Activity

Mantra:          Pride on our chest. Belief in our heart. Sport in our bones.

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