Awards at Clubs and Socs Ball 2017

Watch the 2016/17 end-of-year UCC Sport video!

What a fantastic evening at Clubs and Societies Ball 2017, we hope you thoroughly enjoyed the festival-themed night! It was great to be able to celebrate all the hard work that was done in 2016/17 with so many fantastic committees in such a joyful style. We hope you liked the props, decorations, performances, food, video, photographs, speeches, awards ceremony, food, acts, music and everything that was part of this ball.

Once again, we would like to congratulate the following clubs and individuals on being truly exceptional this year:
The following awards were presented:
• Club of the year: UCC Squash Club

• Most Improved Club of the Year: UCC Olympic Handball Club

• Competitive Event of the Year: UCC Archery Club (National Student Indoor Championships 2017)

• Non-competitive Event of the Year: UCC Dance Club (So UCC Thinks It Can Dance)

• Club Person of the Year: Kate O Meara (Dance)

• Fresher of the Year: Sean Cahill (Canoe)

• 6 Bene Merenti recipients:
○ Amy Fitzgerald (Basketball)

○ Andrea Visentin (Olympic Handball)

○ Brian Conroy (Archery)

○ Constance Young (Squash)

○ Jack Davis (Trampoline)

○ Kate O Meara (Dance)

○ Leanne O Neill (Ultimate Frisbee)


All photos can be found at:

By Sophie O’Regan Photography:

By Emmet Curtin Photography:

By Instabooth Ireland Photobooth:

Also a kind reminder to use #cnsfest in your posts, especially on Twitter and Instagram so we can see how you spent the night :)!