2/2 wins this week!! UCC 64-12 ITT

Another day, another dollar they say, but in this case another day, another fantastic win  for UCC women’s rugby. IT Tralee travelled to the farm this afternoon for a friendly game against our second team. Tralee kicked off in the first half, only a few minutes had gone by when ITT gave away their first penalty, a quick ball from Sarah O Donovan to Ciara O’ Dwyer, the girls had their produced their opening try. Converted by Áine Fitzgerald. With fantastic breaks from our flyhalf Aoife O Sullivan,  and great hands out the back line, UCC was across the white line again, (Grace Cronin). Conversion dropped just short. Within minutes again, Cliona O Shaughnessy made her way swiftly over the line. ITT upped the ante and put pressure on the Cork side, with four minutes worth of phases ITT were over the line right in the corner. Converted from a fantastic kick from close to the sideline. The rest of the second half was filled with superb trys from Jessica Kearney (converted), and Scoop (not converted).  Great breaks were made by Chloé Lenne, with immense offloads keeping the momentum going.

The second half saw plenty of more faces come onto the pitch, full of aggression it wasnt long before UCC were on ITT’s try line. With a few phases Roisin Mannix was over the line (Converted). With a dangerous hand off to the throat, Gráinne had to leave the pitch. This was followed by a kick to touch and a line out for UCC. Cliona O Shaughnessy’s dream of jumping in a line out finally came through when she popped the ball down to the waiting Niamh O Regan. Only a few yards out, the forwards battled hard to gain ground. Sarah O Donovan crashed over the try line again. Converted by Áine Fitzgerald. With little battle in the hands of Tralee, it was clear UCC was dominating. Until a fantastic break from ITT, who made massive ground up the wing, but Aoife O Sullivan stopped her in her tracks. Tralee soon responded again and broke the UCC defence, their outhalf was over the line. Further epic tries were scored by Aoife O Sullivan, Grace Cronin and Coleen O Halloran, both converted by Áine Fitzgerald.


1. Nicola Ní Chartaigh
2.Karen McNamara
3.Yvonne McCarthy
4.Christie O’Toole
5.Chloé Lenne
6.Michaela Ní Raghallaigh
7.Jessica Kearney
8.Sarah O Donovan
9.Niamh O’Regan
10.Aoife O’Sullivan
11.Áine Fitzgerald
12.Grace Cronin
13.Cliona O’Shaughnessy
14.Alice Lane
15.Rebecca Crowley

Tries: Ciara O Dwyer (1), Grace Cronin (2), Cliona O Shaughnessy (1), Jessica Kearney (1), Scoop (1), Roisin Mannix (1), Sarah O Donovan (1), Aoife O Sullivan (1), Colleen O Halloran (1).

Conversions: Áine Fitzgerald (8)