2019 Clubs Day

Clubs day 

By Daniel Moloney


As the new academic year dawns on UCC this year, fifty five clubs were present this year at UCC’s Clubs Day in Devere hall to showcase all they have to offer incoming students. The day was a wonderful success for everyone involved, with students and staff exploring the activities UCC Sport has to offer around the campus.


Several clubs also took the opportunity to demonstrate their club activity by setting up demonstrations in the amphitheatre. UCC Trampoline bounced into action with enthralling acrobatics display by the members of the club, catching the eyes of the people from the other end of the campus, as they soared over the masses. UCC Rowing, who have returned after a stellar performance over the summer at the world championships, also set up shop outside the library with a fun event open to the students.  A friendly ladder competition was established as to who can row a 100 metre distance in the shortest time on a rowing machine.


Within Devere hall, some 55 student led clubs set up stands, using their sports equipment to attract the passers-by. Fencing hung up their épée swords to attract the eye, and other clubs such as Kung Fu and Boxing hanging up their sparring equipment to grab people’s attention. The Clubs Executive and Sports Office recognise the presentation and work gone into the stands by each club set-up on the day of the event. This year, the UCC Rowing club won the best stand recognition, and runners up were the UCC Kung Fu club.


The day was a resounding success, some clubs reaching over 500 signatures! Such unprecedented sign ups will certainly leave for some logistics to be figured out in handling these numbers!


Other clubs have not wasted any time, with Lacrosse, Trampoline, Olympic handball and more having already begun their beginner training sessions in the days following the Clubs Day.


UCC Sport holds the annual Clubs Day in encouraging new, returning and international students to take up new forms of activity and socialising. The Clubs executive committee comprises of students and as such, is aware how easy it is to forget about keeping active and taking mental breaks during the college year, especially when exams loom closer. Clubs hold an open door policy where students are free to join and partake in club activities at any skill level, or at any stage of the college year. This allows for people with any time schedule to try any sport that they might be interested in without worry. If you’re a student in UCC, don’t hesitate to take up the opportunities available to you!