As we emerge from lockdown
Global Design Challenge for Sport and Physical Activity
the countdown begins…

The Global Design Challenge 2021 is a worldwide search for ambitious, innovative ideas to get people physically active. It is launched by University College Cork, Ireland, in association with Sport Ireland, and under the patronage of UNESCO. There are development grants of up to €10,000 for the best concepts.

Register here: GDC 2021

On June 7 the Global Design Challenge for Sport and Physical Activity will open for registration, as part of a bid to engage more people in sport and physical activity, following a year of lockdown and restrictions that have seen participation levels plummet.

The Global Design Challenge, but this year, with the sponsorship of Sport Ireland, the partners behind the scheme are aiming for twice that number.

The grand challenge this year is:

to design innovative ways of increasing participation in sport and physical activity in an inclusive, sustainable, and fun way!

There are 8 specific sub-challenges. 

Find innovative ways to

  • increase opportunities for engagement in physical activity ensuring that it is accessible to everyone of any ability, age, race or socio-economic background – INCLUSION
  • inspire community-level engagement in physical activity for all ages – COMMUNITY
  • bring participants, volunteers and fans back to sport and physical activity – FANS AND VOLUNTEERS
  • use sport as a means to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals in a practical way – POLICY-BASED
  • reimagine sport and physical activity (e.g., space and place, funding models) to make it more sustainable and resilient to shocks and change – SUSTAINABILITY
  • motivate children and youth to engage in sport and physical activity, that leads to life-long interest – YOUTH-BASED
  • harness technology to radically change the way sport and physical activity are imagined – TECHNOLOGY-BASED
  • integrate sport and physical activity into leisure and lifestyle activities (e.g., cycling for transport, gardening for food security) – LIFESTYLE PHYSICAL ACTIVITY

If you have innovative ideas, which could solve any of these challenges, come and join us in trying to get people more physically active.



“The Global Design Challenge is more important now than ever! We have been in and out of lockdowns, and social distancing has made us all, well, more distant. We need activity and sport more accessible and more inclusive than ever before to protect our mental health.”
Blaine Doyle, CEO at GlowDx, UCC alum and mentor during the Global Design Challenge 2020



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