UCC Sports Strategy 2019 – 2022

Various UCC sports people and athletes in a row, displaying trophies and medals behind a banner reading UCC Sport

Pride on our chest. Belief in our Heart. Sport in Our Bones.

University College Cork is a connected university, and sport plays an important role in connecting student and alumni communities, and engaging with the wider community. Sport is a powerful tool that brings people together to develop connections that transcend languages and cultural differences. This ambitious strategy is dedicated to unlocking the power of sport and physical activity across all areas of participation, representation and achievement. It aims to promote participation in sport by all students and staff at UCC, and to support competitive and high performance athletes: many tribes, one team.

Our vision is to be The globally renowned go-to university for sport and physical activity in Ireland   

We have set out 27 specific actions to be implemented across 6 priority areas

  1. Ignite the UCC community of sport
  2. Maximise our brand’s potential
  3. Create a culture of holistic development
  4. Sharpen our edge
  5. Develop world class facilities
  6. Create success through leadership

Download the UCC Sports Strategy 2019 – 2022

This strategy for sport supports the development of graduate attributes beyond the classroom for all students at UCC. It will enhance the student experience while contributing to students’ health and wellbeing, building life wide skills as well as lifelong friendships.  Sport and Physical Activity underpins UCC’s Strategic Plan (2018 – 2022) to build and develop world-class sports facilities, to attract and inspire high performance athletes, and to support all students in physical recreation.  The strategy  will deliver a connected future for sporting and educational opportunities and will enable a joined-up approach between our clubs and coaches; the Department of Sport and Physical Activity; Mardyke Arena, our sporting facilities; and a range of academic disciplines and research activities.  The scholarship of sport, in the context of UCC’s tradition of research and teaching excellence, will sharpen our edge to push the boundaries of sport through education, research and innovation. Working together we will enhance our sporting future and to make UCC an even better place, to learn, research, grow and thrive.

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